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The Fishin' Hole and Shimano

For nearly two decades, The Fishin' Hole has proudly partnered with Shimano, a brand that shares our unwavering dedication to educating, encouraging, and protecting our precious natural resources. Together, we strive to enhance the fishing experience and foster a deep appreciation for the wonders of the great outdoors.

About Shimano

At Shimano, our commitment to technological improvement has been at the forefront of our endeavors. We constantly seek to elevate the performance of our fishing tackle and introduce innovative functions that push the boundaries of what is possible. However, we have come to realize that this approach alone is not enough. Instead of viewing fishing tackle as a mere tool for catching fish, we have embraced a new perspective: it is a tool for enjoying fishing to the fullest.

This paradigm shift has propelled us to a higher stage of development, enabling us to create products that resonate with anglers' sensitivity and elevate their overall fishing experience. We are driven by the pursuit of the perfect visual image, grip feeling, and user comfort, all aimed at enhancing the joy and satisfaction derived from every fishing excursion.

Together with The Fishin' Hole, we are united in our commitment to empowering anglers with exceptional equipment that not only meets their technical needs but also enriches their connection with nature. Through this partnership, we continue to redefine the fishing culture, creating a world where the act of angling becomes a harmonious blend of passion, innovation, and respect for our natural environment.


Shimano offers standard 1 year warranty on all products. The Canadian warranty centres are:

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