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Getting There Is Half the Battle

Getting There Is Half the Battle

Every travelling angler – especially when they cast their fate to an airline – has experienced that sinking feeling in their gut when they place their rod cases on the oversized luggage rack.

And waved good-bye to the tools of their trade as they trundle along the conveyor belt.

Maybe never to be seen again. Or at least not for a few days interval while the unfortunate angler scrambles for a replacement.

A great way to overcome the oversized angst is to invest in 4-piece travel fly-rods that break down into a small enough package to be stowed in a large-sized duffle bag. Preferably one with wheels.

A Punta Allen panga.

I personally have a 5-weight trout rod and an 8-weight for larger prey which fit nearly into the lower compartment of my bag.

It’s large enough for the rods plus waders, boots, trout net, tackle vest and even a collapsible wading stick.

Plus clothes and other vacation essentials in the upper compartment.

Modern air travel, unfortunately, is never going to be stress-free.

But knowing that your rods and tackle are going to be stowed with the regular passenger baggage clearly takes a weight off your mind.


Fly rods at the ready for the day’s adventure in the Bahamas.


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