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Fishing Tips and Facts

Fly Fishing for Pike - Essential Gears

Pike are an ideal but often overlooked fish for fly anglers. Early in the season they eagerly take big streamers, before going deeper in search of cold water as summer progresses.

21 days ago
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Getting set up for the North Saskatchewan River

Fishing the river is a lot of fun.  There are lots of places to fish, plus there are lots of different kinds of fish to catch.  All these fish can be caught with the same gear and the same baits ...

2 months ago
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Adding a cast to your repertoire

Many fly anglers use the same overhead cast on a regular basis, most haul on every cast, some have perfected the double haul for when ...

3 months ago
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Low and Slow

Western Canadian fisheries biologists, when confronting the problem of declining walleye populations, must come to terms with our most popular game fish.

4 months ago
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Minimal Gear Requirements

Pack light; you won’t need as much tackle as you assume. For fly anglers ...

5 months ago
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A Clear Boat is a Happy Boat

When fly casting for pike and other apex predator game fish from a boat, the length of your line in many cases spells the secret for your success.
A lengthy, free-flowing cast gives your fly the maximum amount of exposure to the fish...

6 months ago
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Packing light, back pack trout fishing

Weight and space are the biggest considerations when going on back pack fishing trips. For the occasion, there are lightweight tents, lightweight sleeping bags, freeze dried meals, and such. Packing fishing gear follows the same idea.....

7 months ago
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Sunglasses For Fishing

One of the most overlooked pieces of fishing equipment are sunglasses, yet they are, in my opinion, one of the most essential. Polarized sunglasses will help anglers, whether it be wading or in a boat, see beneath the surface of the water.

8 months ago
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Put and Take Is Great

At point of European contact Alberta’s trout were pretty well confined to the cold rushing rivers of the Eastern Slopes of the Rockies or the deep lakes of the Northern Boreal where lake trout thrived. How times have changed.

9 months ago
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Be Prepared!

The Boy Scouts have it right, especially when referring to travel in wild, remote locations where help can be many, many miles, and many hours, away.

10 months ago
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