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Fishing Tips and Facts

Low and Slow

Western Canadian fisheries biologists, when confronting the problem of declining walleye populations, must come to terms with our most popular game fish.

7 days ago
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Minimal Gear Requirements

Pack light; you won’t need as much tackle as you assume. For fly anglers ...

1 month ago
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A Clear Boat is a Happy Boat

When fly casting for pike and other apex predator game fish from a boat, the length of your line in many cases spells the secret for your success.
A lengthy, free-flowing cast gives your fly the maximum amount of exposure to the fish...

2 months ago
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Packing light, back pack trout fishing

Weight and space are the biggest considerations when going on back pack fishing trips. For the occasion, there are lightweight tents, lightweight sleeping bags, freeze dried meals, and such. Packing fishing gear follows the same idea.....

3 months ago
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Sunglasses For Fishing

One of the most overlooked pieces of fishing equipment are sunglasses, yet they are, in my opinion, one of the most essential. Polarized sunglasses will help anglers, whether it be wading or in a boat, see beneath the surface of the water.

4 months ago
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Put and Take Is Great

At point of European contact Alberta’s trout were pretty well confined to the cold rushing rivers of the Eastern Slopes of the Rockies or the deep lakes of the Northern Boreal where lake trout thrived. How times have changed.

5 months ago
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Be Prepared!

The Boy Scouts have it right, especially when referring to travel in wild, remote locations where help can be many, many miles, and many hours, away.

6 months ago
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Going Light for Spooky Fish

Sometimes conditions mean that fish are on high alert and very spooky.  Ultra-clear water, or super-shallow fish can manifest itself into very hard to catch fish.  When presented with trying conditions, the best approach is to minimize noise, movement, and go light.

7 months ago
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Tips for catching your bucket list fish

Making up a bucket list of fish you would someday like to catch is easy, executing though can be tough. The first place I usually check are the fly fishing travel sites like Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures or Fly Waters Travel. While you may not be interested in booking through them, it is still a great way to go

8 months ago
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Check References

If you do decide to use a guided fishing service, whether day-fishing or through a lodge, be sure to check references before you put down your hard-earned cash. The internet and social media have a way of making every guided trip look like the experience of a lifetime, but that just isn’t the case.

9 months ago
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