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Articles by Fred Noddin

Articles by Fred Noddin

Getting set up for the North Saskatchewan River

Fishing the river is a lot of fun.  There are lots of places to fish, plus there are lots of different kinds of fish to catch.  All these fish can be caught with the same gear and the same baits ...

2 months ago
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In Town Fishing Adventures

I grab a pack of worms and a tub of frozen minnows.  “That’s everything,” I say to myself, and yell out, “I’m heading to the minivan,” letting our crew of little people know that it is time to jump in and buckle up.

2 months ago
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Packing light, back pack trout fishing

Weight and space are the biggest considerations when going on back pack fishing trips. For the occasion, there are lightweight tents, lightweight sleeping bags, freeze dried meals, and such. Packing fishing gear follows the same idea.....

7 months ago
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Backcountry adventure and fishing on the Brazeau Lake Loop

"You have to see this!" Both Leonie and my daughter Angela excitedly motion to us, their eyes shining with anticipation. Chris and I smile and follow them along the edge of a trail to a rocky lookout. We are at Nigel Pass and in that moment, I am exactly where I want to be. The best of the Canadian Rockies are on display...

7 months ago
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The Jewel at First Ice

It's November and with each day the ice gets thicker and now the smallest of ponds and lakes are locked up with enough new ice, it is strong enough to hold a person. This is a golden time. And while there are several possibilities, we have our hearts set on trying to catch one of the prettiest trout that swims, and that is the brook trout.

11 months ago
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Going Light for Spooky Fish

Sometimes conditions mean that fish are on high alert and very spooky.  Ultra-clear water, or super-shallow fish can manifest itself into very hard to catch fish.  When presented with trying conditions, the best approach is to minimize noise, movement, and go light.

11 months ago
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The People’s Fish of Summer

One of the most popular sports fish near and far is the pike, and summer days are meant for chasing them. They are widely distributed ...

1 year ago
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Pond Power

One of the unsung heroes of fishing opportunity has to be our local trout ponds ...

1 year ago
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June Walleye Frenzy

June is one excellent month if you're an angler. All the gamefish are going hard, feeding at every opportunity, crunching jigs, chasing spinners and slamming crankbaits.

1 year ago
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Embrace the Spirit of Adventure

There are lakes, streams and rivers we frequent. These are bodies of water, which are familiar to us and over time we've come to know their unique characteristics and what it takes to catch fish. It's good to have these places tucked away in your back pocket.

1 year ago
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