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Fishing as a Vacation Add-On

One year, staring at the azure ocean, I determined I was going to make better use of my location and ...

1 month ago
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Post Spawn Pike Action

In the pecking order of prairie fishes, the general consensus is that the walleye if our king of the waters.
Maybe more because of Old Walter’s eating qualities than his sporting abilities. Beauty contests are always subject to debate and controversy.
But it hard not to agree that pike are our most versatile fish...

2 months ago
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Backcountry adventure and fishing on the Brazeau Lake Loop

"You have to see this!" Both Leonie and my daughter Angela excitedly motion to us, their eyes shining with anticipation. Chris and I smile and follow them along the edge of a trail to a rocky lookout. We are at Nigel Pass and in that moment, I am exactly where I want to be. The best of the Canadian Rockies are on display...

3 months ago
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Your Next Fly Rod

After you have a year or two of fly fishing under your belt you will probably start to think of either buying a second rod for different situations or upgrading your current rod.

4 months ago
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It’s OK to Be Little Bitty

Angling magazines, websites, film festivals and calendars traditionally are stuffed to the gills with incredible images of super-sized fish. Gonzo pike, sensational salmon, terrific trout, superb sturgeon and wondrous walleye with happy anglers wearing goofy grins holding them up to the camera for the obligatory hero shot.

More times than not caught on a budget-busting charter or at a remote fly-in lodge.

A trip-of-a-lifetime adventure for sure but sadly an unobtainable dream for many. For most of us angling locally is our more likely option.

5 months ago
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Exploring Tundra Waters

Like many anglers, I dream of fishing remote, virginal waters, lakes where huge fish roam, never before having seen an artificial lure. Unfortunately, in today’s shrinking world this has become an increasingly unlikely proposition; there just aren’t many untouched waters left to explore. The exceptions, of course,

6 months ago
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The Jewel at First Ice

It's November and with each day the ice gets thicker and now the smallest of ponds and lakes are locked up with enough new ice, it is strong enough to hold a person. This is a golden time. And while there are several possibilities, we have our hearts set on trying to catch one of the prettiest trout that swims, and that is the brook trout.

7 months ago
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Fly Fishing Bucket List

I have been lucky enough in my life to catch many species of fish on the fly rod. From the usual Trout, grayling, pike and walleye that inhabit the waters near my home, to the more exotic European grayling and saltwater species such as bonefish and permit ...

8 months ago
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Guided or DIY?

I recently returned from a self-guided fishing trip to a vast lake in the Northwest Territories. There is a lodge on the lake, but a friend and I made an arrangement with the owner to rent a boat, motor and fuel and head out on our own for eight days. We explored the lake from end to end and didn’t see another boat or person until our return. The weather was unseasonably windy

9 months ago
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Pond Power

One of the unsung heroes of fishing opportunity has to be our local trout ponds ...

10 months ago
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