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clear river stream in alberta coniferous trees line the horizon

White Knight of the Alberta Rockies (and Beyond)

When it comes to handing out the angling hardware hereabouts, it’s not a very crowded podium.

Cold-water trout, and rainbows in particular, perennially share the laurel wreath with their warmer-water cousins the walleye.

14 days ago
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clear blue river with seagulls and ducks on river row boat and tree line in the distance

Spring on the River

Spring weather lifts the burden of old man winter off southern Alberta and coaxes fly fishers from their vices onto open rivers. As some of the only open water around, early migrants bring the river to life. Franklin’s gulls break the silence of winter, ducks are flashing their breeding plumage, and soon swallows will fill the sky in a frenzy. Itching to just get back on the river, expectations are tempered with shaking the dust off your cast and soaking some rays in mind. Low water temperatures hold fish from being active early, but quality trout still show themselves.

1 month ago
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dog pound greenery trees brown trout creek alberta

A Beautiful Deception

For the entry-level, first-timer flyfisher, dipping the toe of his/her wading boot tentatively into the water, the learning curve can be steep and intimidating. Gear, knots, casting, where to go, how to read the water when you arrive streamside, the challenges seem endless at times. And nothing is more bewildering when you arrive at the well-stocked fly shop and are confronted with dozens in not hundreds of bins on the fly table.

2 months ago
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The Perch and Pike bug

The Perch and Pike bug

Happily I am driving north, more than two hours’ worth, smiling all the way. I’ve caught the perch bug, and I’m happier than stink about it...
4 months ago
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It's time to take up fly fishing

It's time to take up fly fishing

If you have ever considered taking up fly fishing now is a great time to start....

5 months ago
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No Fun in the Sun – a Survivor’s Guide to Fishing the Flats

No Fun in the Sun – a Survivor’s Guide to Fishing the Flats

As the snow months arrive, sadly, the angler’s window of opportunity closes to little more than a crack.

Fishing through the ice, getting out on the few open-water situations available, tying flies, or dreaming of sunny ways or yesterdays...

6 months ago
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Finding and Fishing New Trout Streams

Finding and Fishing New Trout Streams

Most of us are creatures of habit, and our tendency to fall back on the tried and trusted extends to our fishing habits as much as it does the rest of our lives. Do you find yourself fishing the same streams and the same reaches of those streams year after year?...

7 months ago
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Praise the Local Trout Scene

Praise the Local Trout Scene

I do a mental checklist. The JawJacker rods are ready. The lines are refreshed. The hooks are tied and sharpened, and the batteries for the auger are charged. I pack the rest of the gear into the truck ...

8 months ago
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October Fly Fishing

October Fly Fishing

The end of October signals the end of the season for much of the stream fishing here in Alberta. Like most places there are a few places ...

9 months ago
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Pike on the Fly – My Quest Continues

Pike on the Fly – My Quest Continues

Several years ago a long-time buddy and I determined we were going to try to catch as many different species of Master Angler-qualifying fish on the fly as we could. He lives in Winnipeg, while I reside in Edmonton, so it gave us an excuse to ...

10 months ago
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