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Summer Time Blues

While the old song says "there aint no cure for the summer time blues", hopefully I can give you a few tips to help you cure the Summer time fly fishing blues. Summer is on the way and if our Canadian spring this year is any indication it is going to be a hot one. 

3 months ago
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Low and Slow

Western Canadian fisheries biologists, when confronting the problem of declining walleye populations, must come to terms with our most popular game fish.

4 months ago
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Alberta League - ACFFL Event 4

The water was clearer then I have ever seen it in the 20 years I’ve been fishing at Dolberg. The fish were large and beautiful and the weather was looking spectacular.

4 months ago
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Alberta League - ACFFL Event 3

Event 3 was nothing short of a mentally exhausting day. The fishing was extraordinary in numbers and tested everyone’s ability to be efficient with everything.

5 months ago
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Alberta League - ACFFL Event 2

Competition 2 for the season went over incredibly well. An anomaly of big fish caught and gin clear higher water levels made for some interesting ...

5 months ago
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Alberta League - ACFFL Event 1

Competition 1 of the 2023 season was a toughie. Wild fish in the interior of Calgary is hard to beat, especially when the fishing on the ...

6 months ago
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Put and Take Is Great

At point of European contact Alberta’s trout were pretty well confined to the cold rushing rivers of the Eastern Slopes of the Rockies or the deep lakes of the Northern Boreal where lake trout thrived. How times have changed.

9 months ago
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The People’s Fish of Summer

One of the most popular sports fish near and far is the pike, and summer days are meant for chasing them. They are widely distributed ...

1 year ago
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Pond Power

One of the unsung heroes of fishing opportunity has to be our local trout ponds ...

1 year ago
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Caddisflies are one of the most abundant and important insects in many North American lakes and streams but up until the early 80's they were largely ignored compared to the more glamorous mayflies. One of the first fly fishing books ...

1 year ago
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