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Finding and Fishing New Trout Streams

Finding and Fishing New Trout Streams

Most of us are creatures of habit, and our tendency to fall back on the tried and trusted extends to our fishing habits as much as it does the rest of our lives. Do you find yourself fishing the same streams and the same reaches of those streams year after year?...

6 months ago
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Go fishing in April and you are bound to be rewarded.

April: The Last Ice Hurrah for Ice

It’s April, and in many ways, it’s a period of transition. For hard water anglers, though, April is the month to be ...

4 years ago
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Fish imitating flies are prime for trout

Fish imitating flies are prime for trout

Flies are super effective at getting trout to bite. They have what I call, staying power. That is, trout don’t quickly become ...

5 years ago
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Trout Hunting New Zealand style

My Kiwi fly-fishing guide Grant Petherick, tugged on the brim of his New Zealand stockman’s hat, cupped his hands around his polarized sunglasses and starred intently into the dazzle of a North Island mid-summer day.

13 years ago
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