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Finding and Fishing New Trout Streams

Finding and Fishing New Trout Streams

Most of us are creatures of habit, and our tendency to fall back on the tried and trusted extends to our fishing habits as much as it does the rest of our lives. Do you find yourself fishing the same streams and the same reaches of those streams year after year?...

6 months ago
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October Fly Fishing

October Fly Fishing

The end of October signals the end of the season for much of the stream fishing here in Alberta. Like most places there are a few places ...

8 months ago
559 view(s)
Top to bottom – Pheasant Tail. Beadhead Hare’s Ear, Yellow Stimulator

Best of Both Worlds-Fly fishing the Hopper-Dropper

One sublime sunny afternoon a few years back I was fishing a classic northern Alberta grayling stream that tumbled over ...

1 year ago
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The Jewel at First Ice

The Jewel at First Ice

It's November and with each day the ice gets thicker and now the smallest of ponds and lakes are locked up with enough new ice, it is strong enough to hold a person. This is a golden time. And while there are several possibilities, we have our hearts set on trying to catch one of the prettiest trout that swims, and that is the brook trout.

2 years ago
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Five Fine Places to Find Trout

Even our most prolific and populous trout streams (and that applies to Northern Boreal grayling creeks too) can be cruel and...

2 years ago
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On the Road Again

A road trip destination is whatever you make it. Anywhere from an internationally renowned river like the...

3 years ago
42 view(s)
The Italian Job

The Italian Job

When it comes to destination fly fishing, where New Zealand, the Bahamas, Argentina and Belize suck most of the oxygen from the room, Italy ...

4 years ago
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Cliff Dwellers Lodge provided comfortable accommodations

Fly Fishing in the Desert

When I was given the chance in February to escape the Polar Vortex ...

5 years ago
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Fooled this early morning trout tossing a minnow imitating plug in the shallows.

The Observational Trout Fisherman

It was early morning, a misty fog clung to the surface of the lake ...

6 years ago
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Old Man River

Old Man River

I cut my fly-fishing teeth more than 30 years ago on the Bow River, downstream of Calgary. Under the tutelage of my friend and mentor, Perry McCormick. I learned the rudiments of  ...

7 years ago
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