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Posts tagged 'Arctic Grayling'

Top to bottom – Pheasant Tail. Beadhead Hare’s Ear, Yellow Stimulator

Best of Both Worlds-Fly fishing the Hopper-Dropper

One sublime sunny afternoon a few years back I was fishing a classic northern Alberta grayling stream that tumbled over ...

1 year ago
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Northern Exposure

The Dahlberg Diver landed with a plop a couple of feet from the edge of a large promising weed bed. The first strip of line made the fly do exactly what it was supposed to, submerge with an audible ""GLORP"" and then resurface.

2 years ago
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The Seven-Year Twitch

The Seven-Year Twitch

Two of the top commandments of the modern dry fly code is to present an ...

6 years ago
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Going Light

Going Light

If there is one thing stream fishing does, it has made me pare down all my gear to the absolute essentials. There’s something about trekking many kilometres through the bush along stream banks and such that screams for the need to ...

12 years ago
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An Ice Fishing Unsung Hero – The Setline

I am an avid ice fisher and I’ll chase everything that swims through the hard stuff. I’ve caught browns, rainbows, brookies, lakers, walleye, whitefish, pike, perch, burbot, and even arctic grayling. I’ve found a lot of things work, but one of the least utilized; yet more effective presentations is the setline.

20 years ago
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