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Fly Fishing for Pike - Essential Gears

Fly Fishing for Pike - Essential Gears

Pike are an ideal but often overlooked fish for fly anglers. Early in the season they eagerly take big streamers, before going deeper in search of cold water as summer progresses.

9 months ago
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Your Next Fly Rod

Your Next Fly Rod

After you have a year or two of fly fishing under your belt you will probably start to think of either buying a second rod for different situations or upgrading your current rod.

1 year ago
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Choosing A Fly Rod Length

Choosing a fly rod, especially for beginner, can be a daunting task. Once you figure out the...

2 years ago
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Northern Exposure

The Dahlberg Diver landed with a plop a couple of feet from the edge of a large promising weed bed. The first strip of line made the fly do exactly what it was supposed to, submerge with an audible ""GLORP"" and then resurface.

2 years ago
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Post spawn pike are aggressive feeders

Springtime in Alberta - Can Thrill You to the Bone

Just when you think it’s over, it ain’t over. And as they say about Alberta weather...

2 years ago
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New "Fishing" Year Resolutions

My first love in fly fishing is, and always will be, stream fishing, there's just something about ...

2 years ago
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Giving it Your Best Shot

When sight-fishing for shallow, salt water species like bonefish, permit and tarpon...

4 years ago
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Glass is Back

Fiberglass was a replacement for bamboo as a fly rod material as it was ...

6 years ago
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So Many Choices, So Little Time

So Many Choices, So Little Time

Like anticipating the first crocus of spring - or the welcome sight of the returning crows and Canada geese - the ice-free seasons can't come soon enough for western anglers.

12 years ago
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Best Rod for Spring Angling

The best flyrod for spring angling is not one rod but two rods ...

13 years ago
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