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Posts tagged 'Salt Water Fishing'

Your Next Fly Rod

After you have a year or two of fly fishing under your belt you will probably start to think of either buying a second rod for different situations or upgrading your current rod.

8 months ago
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Fly Fishing Bucket List

I have been lucky enough in my life to catch many species of fish on the fly rod. From the usual Trout, grayling, pike and walleye that inhabit the waters near my home, to the more exotic European grayling and saltwater species such as bonefish and permit ...

1 year ago
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Tips for catching your bucket list fish

Making up a bucket list of fish you would someday like to catch is easy, executing though can be tough. The first place I usually check are the fly fishing travel sites like Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures or Fly Waters Travel. While you may not be interested in booking through them, it is still a great way to go

1 year ago
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Giving it Your Best Shot

When sight-fishing for shallow, salt water species like bonefish, permit and tarpon...

3 years ago
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Salt Water Fly Lines

If you're going salt water fishing in a tropical climate for the first time it's easy to ...

3 years ago
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Pass the Salt

Saltwater fly fishing in tropical locations is ...

4 years ago
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What to expect when fishing the West Coast

The ocean is a magnificent playground, where the fish are big, the water’s bigger, and there is a real opportunity to ...

5 years ago
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Saltwater Salmon

In the salt chuck, chinook and coho are widely accepted as the mainstay of the saltwater salmon fishery. Chinook fishing can be had year round, given the presence of resident fish that live in every harbour, sound and inlet 12 months a year.

9 years ago
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Those Crazy Cohos

When fishing on the salt, cohos are perhaps the most accessible and accommodating of the salmon. They are found in ...

9 years ago
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