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Be Prepared!

The Boy Scouts have it right, especially when referring to travel in wild, remote locations where help can be many, many miles, and many hours, away.

10 months ago
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Fly Fishing Bucket List

I have been lucky enough in my life to catch many species of fish on the fly rod. From the usual Trout, grayling, pike and walleye that inhabit the waters near my home, to the more exotic European grayling and saltwater species such as bonefish and permit ...

1 year ago
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Tips for catching your bucket list fish

Making up a bucket list of fish you would someday like to catch is easy, executing though can be tough. The first place I usually check are the fly fishing travel sites like Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures or Fly Waters Travel. While you may not be interested in booking through them, it is still a great way to go

1 year ago
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Check References

If you do decide to use a guided fishing service, whether day-fishing or through a lodge, be sure to check references before you put down your hard-earned cash. The internet and social media have a way of making every guided trip look like the experience of a lifetime, but that just isn’t the case.

1 year ago
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Dixieland Delight

Imagine a place with palmetto palms, swamps full of alligators, downhome Southern cooking and trout streams - one whose cosmic blue waters flows through the state’s largest city.

8 years ago
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Off The Grid Air Travel

For large numbers of anglers, their dream fishing destination is a remote lodge on a beautiful northern lake, which more times than not involves off the grid air travel in a bush plane.

9 years ago
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Texas Travel Tips

Lone Star air travel to Texas is simple because of the Texas/Alberta oil industry connection with a number of flights available including San Antonio/Austin destinations.

9 years ago
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Travelling Angler Tips

When it comes to the travelling angler, getting there sometimes is more than half the battle. Especially when

10 years ago
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Unburdening the Travelling Angler

When it comes to angling and air travel, the world truly has become a global village. Or more precise, a global fishing camp. A good day’s flying can get you to most any fishing hole on ...

12 years ago
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Trip on the Road

How often do we travel direct from one place to the other? We do it all the time, and for some people, it’s how they make a living. 

12 years ago
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