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Articles by Ken Bailey

Articles by Ken Bailey

Ken Bailey is an outdoor writer and wildlife professional with more than 40 years’ experience as an angler and hunter. He has been active in the wildlife and wildlife habitat arena since 1979, including 24 years with Ducks Unlimited Canada, along with stints at BC and Alberta Fish & Wildlife Divisions, Upland Birds Alberta and the Alberta Professional Outfitters Association.

He continues to own and operate a consulting company providing a range of professional services to wildlife organizations, including the Alberta Trappers Association, Pheasants Forever Canada, Alberta Conservation Association, Alberta Environment and Parks, and Safari Club International.

As an outdoors writer, Ken has published more than 1300 articles for a variety of angling and hunting magazines across North America and in Africa. He has served as the Hunting Editor of Outdoor Canada magazine since 1995, and as the Editor of Barry Mitchell’s Alberta Fishing Guide since 2015. He’s also the author of the award-winning book, No Place Like Home, (NPLH.webnode.com) featuring stories about his fishing and hunting adventures across Canada, and has been a contributor to several other books. Ken has fished and hunted not only across Canada, but through much of the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean, Argentina, Iceland, Greenland, and several countries in southern Africa.

A previous President and Chairman of the Board for the Outdoor Writers of Canada, Ken remains active with that organization while also serving on the boards of the Alberta Conservation Association and Pheasants Forever Canada.

Pike on the Fly – My Quest Continues

Several years ago a long-time buddy and I determined we were going to try to catch as many different species of Master Angler-qualifying fish on the fly as we could. He lives in Winnipeg, while I reside in Edmonton, so it gave us an excuse to ...

1 month ago
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Fly Fishing for Pike - Essential Gears

Pike are an ideal but often overlooked fish for fly anglers. Early in the season they eagerly take big streamers, before going deeper in search of cold water as summer progresses.

1 month ago
9 view(s)

Minimal Gear Requirements

Pack light; you won’t need as much tackle as you assume. For fly anglers ...

5 months ago
43 view(s)

Fishing as a Vacation Add-On

One year, staring at the azure ocean, I determined I was going to make better use of my location and ...

5 months ago
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Exploring Tundra Waters

Like many anglers, I dream of fishing remote, virginal waters, lakes where huge fish roam, never before having seen an artificial lure. Unfortunately, in today’s shrinking world this has become an increasingly unlikely proposition; there just aren’t many untouched waters left to explore. The exceptions, of course,

10 months ago
51 view(s)

Be Prepared!

The Boy Scouts have it right, especially when referring to travel in wild, remote locations where help can be many, many miles, and many hours, away.

10 months ago
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Guided or DIY?

I recently returned from a self-guided fishing trip to a vast lake in the Northwest Territories. There is a lodge on the lake, but a friend and I made an arrangement with the owner to rent a boat, motor and fuel and head out on our own for eight days. We explored the lake from end to end and didn’t see another boat or person until our return. The weather was unseasonably windy

1 year ago
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Check References

If you do decide to use a guided fishing service, whether day-fishing or through a lodge, be sure to check references before you put down your hard-earned cash. The internet and social media have a way of making every guided trip look like the experience of a lifetime, but that just isn’t the case.

1 year ago
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Tackle requirements for Bonefish

Tackle requirements for bonefish are pretty straight-forward. I used a...

1 year ago
14 view(s)

A Southern Escape

Like many Canadians, I found myself a little housebound after two years ...

1 year ago
21 view(s)
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