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Posts tagged 'Fly Fishing'

Fly Fishing for Pike - Essential Gears

Pike are an ideal but often overlooked fish for fly anglers. Early in the season they eagerly take big streamers, before going deeper in search of cold water as summer progresses.

1 month ago
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Adding a cast to your repertoire

Many fly anglers use the same overhead cast on a regular basis, most haul on every cast, some have perfected the double haul for when ...

3 months ago
130 view(s)

Best of Both Worlds-Fly fishing the Hopper-Dropper

One sublime sunny afternoon a few years back I was fishing a classic northern Alberta grayling stream that tumbled over ...

4 months ago
499 view(s)

Alberta League - ACFFL Event 4

The water was clearer then I have ever seen it in the 20 years I’ve been fishing at Dolberg. The fish were large and beautiful and the weather was looking spectacular.

4 months ago
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Alberta League - ACFFL Event 3

Event 3 was nothing short of a mentally exhausting day. The fishing was extraordinary in numbers and tested everyone’s ability to be efficient with everything.

5 months ago
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Fishing as a Vacation Add-On

One year, staring at the azure ocean, I determined I was going to make better use of my location and ...

5 months ago
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Alberta League - ACFFL Event 2

Competition 2 for the season went over incredibly well. An anomaly of big fish caught and gin clear higher water levels made for some interesting ...

5 months ago
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Alberta League - ACFFL Event 1

Competition 1 of the 2023 season was a toughie. Wild fish in the interior of Calgary is hard to beat, especially when the fishing on the ...

6 months ago
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A Clear Boat is a Happy Boat

When fly casting for pike and other apex predator game fish from a boat, the length of your line in many cases spells the secret for your success.
A lengthy, free-flowing cast gives your fly the maximum amount of exposure to the fish...

6 months ago
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Post Spawn Pike Action

In the pecking order of prairie fishes, the general consensus is that the walleye if our king of the waters.
Maybe more because of Old Walter’s eating qualities than his sporting abilities. Beauty contests are always subject to debate and controversy.
But it hard not to agree that pike are our most versatile fish...

6 months ago
830 view(s)
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