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It's time to take up fly fishing

It's time to take up fly fishing

If you have ever considered taking up fly fishing now is a great time to start....

4 months ago
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Selecting a Fishing Rod

Selecting a Fishing Rod can be a daunting task, especially for those who are ...

9 years ago
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Pretty Is As Pretty Does

"Iconic" is a word that’s thrown around all too frequently these days, but for those who’ve rightfully earned the label, no word better captures what Merriam-Webster describes as "widely known and acknowledged, especially for distinctive excellence". Shakespeare’s Ugly Stik fishing rods have undoubtedly ...

9 years ago
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Rookie Rod Buying Tips

Rookie Rod Buying Tips

Buying that first rod for the beginning angler can come with many complications and pitfalls. The temptation for many – especially among ...

12 years ago
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