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Posts tagged 'Fishing Gears'

Minimal Gear Requirements

Pack light; you won’t need as much tackle as you assume. For fly anglers ...

5 months ago
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Fishing as a Vacation Add-On

One year, staring at the azure ocean, I determined I was going to make better use of my location and ...

5 months ago
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Fly fishing In the Winter

Now that winter has arrived and the cold temperatures and inclement weather conditions with it, angling activity tends to teeter off.  Winter is commonly a sign for anglers to ...

2 years ago
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Sticks and Stones

Trout rivers in many situations are can be as treacherous as they are gorgeous. And moving about in them can be a traumatic affair, especially if ...

4 years ago
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Rookie Rod Buying Tips

Buying that first rod for the beginning angler can come with many complications and pitfalls. The temptation for many – especially among ...

11 years ago
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The Twelve Gifts Of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a Humpy Dry Fly in a tall spruce tree. 

11 years ago
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