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Minimal Gear Requirements

Pack light; you won’t need as much tackle as you assume. For fly anglers, a four-piece 8-weight rod with a floating line and 150 yards minimum of backing should meet most of your needs. Take along a second spool with a sink-tip line if you have one. A couple 9- to 12-foot leaders in 10- to 12-pound test will meet most applications. Spin fishermen should do likewise—a four-piece rod and reel combo spooled with 12- to 15-pound test line will suffice for most applications. In my experience, most of the fish we encounter are not line shy, so better to go a little heavier than lighter. A single box of flies or a small tray of spoons and plugs will do—a little searching on the internet will provide you with no shortage of informed opinion as to fly and lure selection.

Bring pliers to help remove hooks, as many of these fish have sharp teeth or spines; for that reason I also recommend wearing gloves to help land fish. All my gear fits easily in a small waist pack, making it easy to walk and wade for hours.

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