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Adding a cast to your repertoire

Adding a cast to your repertoire

Many fly anglers use the same overhead cast on a regular basis, most haul on every cast, some have perfected the double haul for when ...

11 months ago
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Trolling Speed, Depth and Pattern

The experienced guides at Ena Lake reminded me that ...

3 years ago
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The Difference Maker - Reading Trout Stream Waters

What separates those who catch trout in moving waters from those who don’t usually isn’t casting skills...

3 years ago
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To ensure a drag-free drift, read the stream currents and position yourself in the best location prior to ...

3 years ago
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Up a Muddy River

Getting to a productive angling position, especially when in a flowing water scenario, is an integral element to...

3 years ago
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One of the best casts an angler can learn is the roll cast

The Roll cast

One of the best casts an angler can learn is the roll cast ...

7 years ago
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Casting Angles

Casting Angles

To increase your odds of success on busy trout streams, don’t be lazy with your casting angles

8 years ago
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Many anglers make the mistake of wading right out to within casting distance of ...

8 years ago
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Quite often while out fly fishing we are confronted with times that they just  ...

9 years ago
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Small Stream Stealth

If an angler wants to have success fishing small streams, especially ones that contain ...

10 years ago
13 view(s)
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