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clear blue river with seagulls and ducks on river row boat and tree line in the distance

Spring on the River

Spring weather lifts the burden of old man winter off southern Alberta and coaxes fly fishers from their vices onto open rivers. As some of the only open water around, early migrants bring the river to life. Franklin’s gulls break the silence of winter, ducks are flashing their breeding plumage, and soon swallows will fill the sky in a frenzy. Itching to just get back on the river, expectations are tempered with shaking the dust off your cast and soaking some rays in mind. Low water temperatures hold fish from being active early, but quality trout still show themselves.

2 months ago
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Early Season Dry Fly Fishing

Early Season Dry Fly Fishing

When most fly fishermen think of flies for spring they usually consider either large streamers or nymphs fished slow and deep. Dry fly fishing is usually a second thought and normally only if the angler sees a fish rise to a bug or, as often happens, hits their strike indicator.

10 years ago
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