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Post Spawn Pike Action

Post Spawn Pike Action

In the pecking order of prairie fishes, the general consensus is that the walleye if our king of the waters.
Maybe more because of Old Walter’s eating qualities than his sporting abilities. Beauty contests are always subject to debate and controversy.
But it hard not to agree that pike are our most versatile fish...

1 year ago
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Be Prepared!

Be Prepared!

The Boy Scouts have it right, especially when referring to travel in wild, remote locations where help can be many, many miles, and many hours, away.

2 years ago
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Tackle requirements for Bonefish

Tackle requirements for Bonefish

Tackle requirements for bonefish are pretty straight-forward. I used a...

2 years ago
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Fishing Streamers

When fishing streamers, you don’t require a tapered leader. Fish are not generally line shy underwater...

4 years ago
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Strategies to Help You While Fly Fishing on High Water

Fly fishing is ingrained as a widespread pastime for amateur and experienced fishers ...

5 years ago
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Fly Tackle for New Waters

Be particular about your tackle whenever fly-fishing new waters, as ...

5 years ago
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Sealing the Deal – How to Ensure You Land More Fish

Sealing the Deal – How to Ensure You Land More Fish

It was on her second cast to the big corner pool that the rainbow engulfed the Stimulator, felt the sting, and, as rainbows do, immediately leapt skyward.

10 years ago
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Fly Fishing 101

Fly Fishing 101

When talking with customers I quite often hear that they would like to try fly fishing but their reason for not doing so is that it looks too hard, or it’s too expensive, or it’s too complicated. 

15 years ago
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man ice fishing cloudy blue tint sky

Tackle Matching

During ice fishing season, as much any other time of year, anglers will benefit by matching fishing tackle to the species being sought. This can and in most cases will, dramatically improve results. The interesting thing I've found is that there is no one perfect system and there is no one perfect line. The following are my preferences for lines and rods for each species and the reasons why.

18 years ago
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Tackle Tips for Catch and Release Fishing

More and more anglers today are releasing their catch back into the water to fight another day. To increase the odds of these fish surviving, it is important that all anglers have some essential catch and release tackle at their disposal, whether they're fishing on shore, or in a boat. Here are some tips on tackle to keep on hand when fishing.

21 years ago
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