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Posts tagged 'Ice Fishing'

Going Light for Spooky Fish

Sometimes conditions mean that fish are on high alert and very spooky.  Ultra-clear water, or super-shallow fish can manifest itself into very hard to catch fish.  When presented with trying conditions, the best approach is to minimize noise, movement, and go light.

11 months ago
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First Fish of the Year Pothole Rainbows and Browns

Come ice out, I look forward to the chance to cast a line and battle a scrappy rainbow or brown. And for the most part, these early season fish are willing biters.

1 year ago
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The Electric Advantage

own an Ion Electric Auger.  I’ve had it for six years as best I can figure, and I can say that...

2 years ago
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Sunny Day Rainbows

Dragging the sled across the ice I approach my favourite...

2 years ago
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Windy Day Pike

The messages are intoxicating. "Twenty pike for the afternoon, lots are keeper sized,"...

3 years ago
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The JawJacker Catches Fish

I owe a lot of my catches in the last half dozen years to the JawJacker, a device that is designed to hold an ice fishing rod under tension, so when tripped by a fish bite...

3 years ago
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April: The Last Ice Hurrah for Ice

It’s April, and in many ways, it’s a period of transition. For hard water anglers, though, April is the month to be ...

4 years ago
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Making a difference

A fish reacts to what is presented, regardless of who is doing the presenting, be it a 4-year-old girl out of dad’s tin boat or a seasoned angler in a Lund Pro V. 

4 years ago
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Grammy’s Fish

For us, Christmas means family. It is a time to reconnect, to share moments, to tell stories, and be together. This past Christmas, ...

5 years ago
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