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Going Light for Spooky Fish

Going Light for Spooky Fish

Sometimes conditions mean that fish are on high alert and very spooky.  Ultra-clear water, or super-shallow fish can manifest itself into very hard to catch fish.  When presented with trying conditions, the best approach is to minimize noise, movement, and go light.

2 years ago
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Alberta’s Spring Creek Browns - Blessings and Curses

There’s no middle ground when it comes to fishing Alberta’s west-central spring creek brown trout streams - you either love them, or you hate them. Unlike most of our freestone streams...

4 years ago
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In Search Of Speckled Footballs

In Search Of Speckled Footballs

I have to say, many of my fishing trips for Brookies turn out to be adventures. I often find myself searching for that out of the way lake that requires a hike in and possibly the aid of ...

11 years ago
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The Season of Ice Begins

The Season of Ice Begins

As I look out to snow covered fields, frozen puddles and the distinct quiet that winter brings; I look forward to the coming of ice fishing. It’s always anticipated, if for no other reason than change.

17 years ago
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Pick Your Favorite Brook Trout Lake...and Go Fishing

It's no secret that first ice is the time to go hunt brookies. It's something I do each and every season. But what isn't so obvious is the fact that because of the approaching spawn all these brookies are in shallow and present some truly outstanding fishing before freeze up.

19 years ago
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