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small boat docked on shore during sunset golden hour

Big Pike Combo Approaches

It's fall and like I mentioned in the feature this month, big pike have moved into the shallows to bust up the local whitefish populations. Fall also means that this is one of the very best times of years to catch a monster. Versatility, I discovered, is the key to unlocking these big pike with each day being different. Over the years the following approach has worked very well for me and here are my lures of choice.

18 years ago
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Pick Your Favorite Brook Trout Lake...and Go Fishing

It's no secret that first ice is the time to go hunt brookies. It's something I do each and every season. But what isn't so obvious is the fact that because of the approaching spawn all these brookies are in shallow and present some truly outstanding fishing before freeze up.

19 years ago
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A Look Ahead to Great Trout Fishing

A Look Ahead to Great Trout Fishing

If ever there were a time to be getting excited about trout fishing, it's now. That's because the month of September is likely one of the two best months to be fishing.

19 years ago
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Red Hot Fall Pike Action

Red Hot Fall Pike Action

By now the leaves have started to fall, or quite possibly they may have already fallen, completing their one-way trip to the earth. It’s late fall, freeze up is a month away and there’s a hint of winter in the air. This is the Pike’s last hurrah.

20 years ago
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