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Northern Exposure

The Dahlberg Diver landed with a plop a couple of feet from the edge of a large promising weed bed. The first strip of line made the fly do exactly what it was supposed to, submerge with an audible ""GLORP"" and then resurface.

2 years ago
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Turning a Water Wolf into a Pussy Cat

One of the great dilemmas faced by ethical anglers is how to...

2 years ago
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Fishing Canada's Prairie Cities

Fishing Canada's Prairie Cities

It’s Friday, 5:00 p.m. You’ve arrived home after another gruelling work week and aren’t in a great mood. You’ve still got to load up the kids, the camping gear and the food. Then you’ll fight the weekend traffic. It’s going to take you the best part of an hour just to get out of the city, then another couple to reach your destination. 

11 years ago
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