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Alberta walleye take up to five years to achieve a catchable size

Low and Slow

Western Canadian fisheries biologists, when confronting the problem of declining walleye populations, must come to terms with our most popular game fish.

1 year ago
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In the Zone

In the Zone

It was the middle of an Alberta mid-summer in that madness which sometimes is ...

4 years ago
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Walleye are Alberta’s most prized gamefish.

Walleye Logic

The hot July sun radiated its soothing beams on the surface of serene Pigeon Lake. This big cottage waterbody ...

5 years ago
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90 Per Cent of the Fish

There’s an old expression that goes "90 per cent of the fish inhabit 10 per cent of the water." 

6 years ago
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Walleye Town

Walleye Town

When western anglers are asked from time to time to rank their favorite game fish, the poll results are invariably the same. It’s rainbow trout and walleye that occupy the top spots.

8 years ago
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Fall Walleye

Fall Walleye

There are three lakes that have taught a ton about fall walleye. The first was over a dozen years ago. I was routinely going out to ...

11 years ago
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Favourite Lakes - Some Like it Hot

Favourite Lakes - Some Like it Hot

It's important to have a good fishing hole or two in your back pocket and I do. This is equally convenient in summer or ice fishing season as it allows me to bring friends out and pretty much be guaranteed some great action. I know where to go, what to expect, and how to fish it. 

12 years ago
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Edge Walleye

It was a hot sunny day, Baptiste Lake was in flood and neither I, Melanie or Trevor had any experience fishing this lake during the open water season. This could be a challenge. If there was one thing going for us ...

13 years ago
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Good Fishing at Last Ice

Good Fishing at Last Ice

Circle at least a couple of the weekends in the month of March and make plans with your friends to head out to your favorite lakes for some good ice fishing. All lakes at this time of year will be fishing well.

18 years ago
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