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Posts tagged 'Game Fish'

Alberta walleye take up to five years to achieve a catchable size

Low and Slow

Western Canadian fisheries biologists, when confronting the problem of declining walleye populations, must come to terms with our most popular game fish.

1 year ago
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Walleye are Alberta’s most prized gamefish.

Walleye Logic

The hot July sun radiated its soothing beams on the surface of serene Pigeon Lake. This big cottage waterbody ...

5 years ago
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Fishing Tips and Facts for Sturgeon

Fishing Tips and Facts for Sturgeon

Even though the lake sturgeon of the North and South Saskatchewan river systems is Alberta’s largest game fish, few anglers know much about it.

12 years ago
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man holding rainbow trout trees and lake in the background

The Shallow Water Hunt is On

Hunting rainbows is very different from fishing rainbows and the fall is just the right time to do it.

18 years ago
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Anglers that fish with live bait know that using it helps increase their catches of all types of gamefish. But the keen angler understands that using healthy, lively bait will help them out perform everyone else, even when the fishing is tough.

22 years ago
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