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What Fishing Means to Me

What Fishing Means to Me

Call it gratitude.  Fishing has provided me countless memories, moments that make me smile, that are meaningful, and have been the backbone for many amazing connections to wonderful people.  I’ve met many of my friends fishing, and now my children are connecting with their childhood friends through fishing.  It fosters a great respect for the outdoors and it feeds an adventurous spirit.  Fishing has and will always be, there for me.

A wonderful place to spend the day.

It is a place I can go to meditate, think, and reflect.  It is also a place to surround myself with the shrieks of laughter, the giggles and the chaos that comes from being in the company of children.  It is seeing the beauty of a fish, like how insane the incredible the colours of a brook trout are.  It is being outside and breathing fresh air, and finding myself in truly remarkable places. 

A stunning brook trout.

 Going fishing rejuvenates me and keeps me grounded.  Be it sunny.  Be it cloudy.  Whether the fish bite or not, I am always happy to have taken the time and opportunity to go out.  It’s important for me to share this wealth I know as the fishing experience, so I do.  It is something that I happily give to my community, and we are all the richer for it.  I suspect many of you are nodding your heads in agreement, to some or much of what I have said, and that is awesome.  We are together on this, and I thank you as well, for all that you do!

Fishing takes us to beautiful places.

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