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Bullet Weights

Tungsten Bullet Weights


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Brand Bullet Weights


The original Bullet Weight is now available in Tungsten. Tungsten as a material has a greater density than lead making the weights approximately fifty percent smaller.

Tungsten weights are great for fishing heavy cover since your sinker is less likely to get hung up.

Order Chart

Product mpn Material Lure Weight Oversized Qty/Pack Color Price Add to cart
BULLET WEIGHT 1/2OZ (BUL-PBTGN12 3878490) mpn PBTGN12 Material Tungsten Lure Weight 1/2 oz Oversized No Qty/Pack 2 Color Natural Price $16.95
BULLET WEIGHT 1/4OZ (BUL-PBTGN14 3878488) mpn PBTGN14 Material Tungsten Lure Weight 1/4 oz Oversized No Qty/Pack 3 Color Natural Price $14.95
BULLET WEIGHT 3/16OZ (BUL-PBTGN316 3878487) mpn PBTGN316 Material Tungsten Lure Weight 3/16 oz Oversized No Qty/Pack 4 Color Natural Price $14.95
BULLET WEIGHT 3/8OZ (BUL-PBTGN38 3878489) mpn PBTGN38 Material Tungsten Lure Weight 3/8 oz Oversized No Qty/Pack 3 Color Natural Price $16.49

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