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Bullet Weights

Ultra Tin Split Shot Sinkers


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Brand Bullet Weights


Non-lead split-shot sinkers made from Tin.

Order Chart

Product mpn Material Lure Weight Oversized Qty/Pack Price Add to cart
ULTRA TIN SPLIT SHOT SINKER-#3 (BUL-TSSR3 3829992) mpn TSSR3 Material Tin Lure Weight 3 Oversized No Qty/Pack 12 Price $7.95
ULTRA TIN SPLIT SHOT SINKER-#30 (BUL-TSSR30 3829988) mpn TSSR30 Material Tin Lure Weight 30 Oversized No Qty/Pack 32 Price $7.95
ULTRA TIN SPLIT SHOT SINKER-#4 (BUL-TSSR4 3829991) mpn TSSR4 Material Tin Lure Weight 4 Oversized No Qty/Pack 16 Price $7.95
ULTRA TIN SPLIT SHOT SINKER-#5 (BUL-TSSR5 3829990) mpn TSSR5 Material Tin Lure Weight 5 Oversized No Qty/Pack 17 Price $7.95
ULTRA TIN SPLIT SHOT SINKER-#7 (BUL-TSSR7 3829989) mpn TSSR7 Material Tin Lure Weight 7 Oversized No Qty/Pack 24 Price $7.95
ULTRA TIN SPLIT SHOT SINKER-#BB (BUL-TSSRBB 3829987) mpn TSSRBB Material Tin Lure Weight BB Oversized No Qty/Pack 48 Price $7.95

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