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Terrestrials are most summer fly angler’s favorite type of flies to fish. These patterns try and imitate the local terrestrial insects in your area. This group of patterns includes grasshoppers, beetles, mice and ants. Terrestrial patterns are capable of landing many different species of fish and are especially successful in the warmer months of summer (July-August), when the aquatic insect hatches are fewer in numbers.

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Product mpn Oversized Qty/Pack Hook Price Add to cart
LETORT HOPPER #6 (WOR-12-007-06 1506050) mpn 12-007-06 Oversized No Qty/Pack 1 Hook 6 Price $2.29
LETORT HOPPER #8 (WOR-12-007-08 2995610) mpn 12-007-08 Oversized No Qty/Pack 1 Hook 8 Price $2.29
LETORT HOPPER #10 (WOR-12-007-10 2995710) mpn 12-007-10 Oversized No Qty/Pack 1 Hook 10 Price $2.29
LETORT HOPPER #12 (WOR-12-007-12 2995910) mpn 12-007-12 Oversized No Qty/Pack 1 Hook 12 Price $2.29
LETORT HOPPER #14 (WOR-12-007-14 2996010) mpn 12-007-14 Oversized No Qty/Pack 1 Hook 14 Price $2.29
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