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Pro Finesse Dropper Chain Hooks


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Brand Custom Jigs And Spins


When fish are finicky and won’t hit your jigging spoon, it’s time to switch things up. By adding a Pro Finesse Dropper Chain Hook to your favorite spoon you’ll turn those sniffers into takers.

Replace the treble hook of your favorite spoons and you can create your own custom dropper rigs.

Comes 4 per package in the following colors:Glow Brite, Red Glow, Hot Orange & Red/Chartreuse

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PRO FINESSE DROP CHAIN #10 (CUS-FDC-10-A 3878462) mpn FDC-10-A Oversized No Size 10 Qty/Pack 4 Color Assorted Price $6.29

Out of stock

PRO FINESSE DROP CHAIN #14 (CUS-FDC-14-A 3878463) mpn FDC-14-A Oversized No Size 14 Qty/Pack 4 Color Assorted Price $6.29

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