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Drop Shot Sinker


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BrandDanielson Company


The Danielson Drop Shot Sinker helps you keep your line out to the level that you want. You can attach it easily without the need to retie your line, which gives you more time to enjoy your trip. This fishing sinker comes in several different weights so you can swap them out to adjust to changing conditions. It wedges itself onto the line via a v-shaped eye, which provides you with a secure hold.

• Allows quick and easy weight change without retying.
• Line wedges itself in the v-shaped eye for a secure hold.
• Lead sinker comes in 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 oz weights.

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DROP SHOT SINKER 1/2 oz (DAN-DSR12 3884505) mpn DSR12 Lure Weight 1/2 oz Oversized No Qty/Pack 6 Price $3.99

Out of stock

Drop Shot Sinker 1/4 oz (DAN-DSR14 3884503) mpn DSR14 Lure Weight 1/4 oz Oversized No Qty/Pack 6 Price $4.49
DROP SHOT SINKER 3/8 oz (DAN-DSR38 3884504) mpn DSR38 Lure Weight 3/8 oz Oversized No Qty/Pack 6 Price $3.99

Out of stock

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