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Darex (work Sharp)

Ken Onion Knife Tool Sharpener


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The new Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition Knife and Tool Sharpener is the most versatile electric sharpener we've tested.

Work Sharp partnered with legendary knife maker and designer Ken Onion on their newest knife sharpener. The Ken Onion Edition Knife and Tool Sharpener features a fully adjustable sharpening guide, variable speed motor and wide flexible abrasive belts to sharpen any size, shape or type of knife you own. Professional knife makers like Ken Onion use flexible belts to put a razor sharp edge on their blades, now you can have the same technology for your own knives.

Adjustable Sharpening Guides
Adjustable sharpening guides allow you to sharpen an edge from a very low 15 degree angle all the way up to 30 degrees (in 1 degree increments). This allows you to put a super fine edge on one knife and seconds later adjust the guide to put a very durable edge on another knife. This ease of adjustment allows you to sharpen just about any knife.

Variable Speed Motor
The new variable speed motor is powerful and versatile. This variable speed allows you to increase the speed for faster sharpening or decrease it for a more precise approach. The variable speed is managed through the trigger, the more you pull the faster it goes.

Sharpens Almost Any Knife
The combination of belts, adjustable guides, and variable speed motor gives this sharpener the versatility to sharpen almost any knife. Many electric sharpeners specialize in sharpening one type of knife while the Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition can sharpen them all and do so very well. Some of the toughest knives to sharpen are knives that have a re-curve or a concave edge. However, the flexible belt design allows you to sharpen these knives with ease and control. Even serrated knives have very small tight curves called gullets that can be sharpened with this sharpener. The most difficult concave curve is on a gut hook and the Ken Onion Edition has no trouble with it.

With the popularity of Japanese and similarly styled knives, there is a need to sharpen knives to a lower angle. While some sharpeners only give you a 20 degree angle, the Ken Onion Edition can quickly change all the way down to 15 degrees to match the factory edge on Japanese cutlery.

Quality Construction
You'll notice the heft and quality construction of this sharpener. If you're familiar with the original Work Sharp Knife Sharpener, you'll notice that the Ken Onion Edition weighs twice as much as the original. This additional weight comes from the larger variable speed motor, larger overall size and cast metal components.

Abrasive Belts

The new Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition Knife and Tool Sharpener comes with 5 belts to offer you a wide range of grits to perform tasks as coarse as grinding and as fine as polishing an edge. This system accommodates larger 3/4" belts. These larger belts are not just wider but also very long lasting.

P120 Grit Belt
The P120 is a coarse belt that can be used for grinding or for fast stock removal from knives. This is a quality coated 3/4" x 12" fabric belt.

Norton Norax Belts
There are three 3/4" x 12" Norton Norax Belts included in the kit. The Norton Norax Belts utilize very consistent aluminum oxide abrasives. The belts have a depth to the abrasive surface unlike any other belts we carry. The depth to the abrasives allows the abrasives to break away and expose fresh abrasives below. This abrasive configuration allows it to run cooler, last 2 to 5 times longer, leave a very consistent finish and even cut faster. They are just great belts.

X65 Norax Belt
This 3/4" x 12" belt features 65 micron aluminum oxide abrasive particles. This translates to roughly a P220 grit. This is a coarse belt that can be used for most coarse sharpening needs.

X22 Norax Belt
This 3/4" x 12" belt features 22 micron aluminum oxide abrasive particles. This translates to roughly a P800 grit. This is a fine to medium belt that can be used to refine a coarsely sharpened edge or refine an edge that is starting to dull.

X4 Norax Belt
This 3/4" x 12" belt features 4 micron aluminum oxide abrasive particles. This translates to roughly a P3000 grit. This is a very fine belt that can be used to put a very fine edge that is almost mirror polished.

6000 Grit Belt
The 6000 grit belt used to put the finest razor sharp edge on your knives. This 1/2" x 12" thinner belt conforms to your knives so it can be used to sharpen serrated edges as well as heavily curved edges like gut hooks.

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