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Zara Spook


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Brand Heddon


The Heddon Zara Spook invented the walk-the-dog retrieve more than 50 years ago, and despite being copied literally hundreds of times during the past decade, the Zara is still the king of topwater fishing. The Zara Spook is just the right size and produces just the right side-to-side retrieve for anglers looking for big fish. The Zara Spook has been a “go-to” lure for bass, striper and pike fishermen for generations.


• Top-water lure
• Walk-the-dog retrieve
• Just the right size for side-to-side retrieve
• Works well for Pike, Bass, Redfish and Speckled Trout

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mpn X9255-GRA Oversized No Qty/Pack 1 Length 4 1/2" Color Fluorescent Green Crawdad Price $10.95
mpn X9255-JMP Oversized No Qty/Pack 1 Length 4 1/2" Color Natural Perch Price $10.95
mpn X9255-NBL Oversized No Qty/Pack 1 Length 4 1/2" Color Black Shiner Price $10.95

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