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Tiemco 2487 Nymph Barbless Fly Tying Hooks


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Brand Hook & Hackle


Tiemco TMC 2487 Fly Tying Hooks have a down eye, 2X short shank, 1X fine wire and 2X wide gape. Used for caddis pupae, midge emergers & shrimp.

Come in packs of 25 hooks.

Order Chart

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FINE BARBLESS HOOK #10 (25 PACK) (HOO-TMC2487BL-10 3864197) mpn TMC2487BL-10 Oversized No Size 10 Qty/Pack 25 Price $10.95
Fine Barbless Hook #14 (25 Pack) (HOO- 3864198) mpn TMC2487BL-14 Oversized No Size 14 Qty/Pack 25 Price $10.95

Out of stock

Fine Barbless Hook #16 (25 Pack) (HOO- 3864199) mpn TMC2487BL-16 Oversized No Size 16 Qty/Pack 25 Price $10.95
Fine Barbless Hook #18 (25 Pack) (HOO- 3864200) mpn TMC2487BL-18 Oversized No Size 18 Qty/Pack 25 Price $10.95
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