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Hot Spot

Stryper 11" Green


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BrandHot Spot


The high flash and multi color diffraction of the Stryper reflects the full color spectrum at 20' or the blues and greens as depth increases. The stripe accentuates these colors depending on the depth of water being fished.

Hot Spot Flashers are known all over the world for their excellent quality and fish-catching ability; they are second-to-none in catching salmon.

Made in Canada of high-tech Buterate plastics, the carefully engineered shape and rigid quality control ensure that fishermen can achieve consistent, quality results. Hot spot is the leading manufacturer of artificial trolling lures on the West Coast of North America.

The unique plastic shape provides a rolling action that attracts salmon and other species. The brilliant colors, flash and vibration emitted by the erratic movement are highly effective, drawing salmon to your lure from up to 40 or 50 yards away. The darting flasher action exactly duplicates the vibrations made by predators as they attack bait fish.

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