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BrandKamooki Lures


The Kamooki SmartCraw® features a deeply textured, naturally robust crawfish body and assumes a natural head-down, tail-up profile when its unique, precision engineered zinc keel rests on any structure.

When retrieved, the SmartCraw® displays a wide lazy wobble with accentuated side to side motion. The SmartCraw® is specifically designed to emit a natural clicking sound. When the SmartCraw® is vertically jigged, it vibrates as the rod tip is raised and slowly flutters down when the rod tip is dropped – all the while tracing forward in a circular pattern.

The astonishing properties of the SmartCraw® are all utilized when fishing bottom structure. Bounce it along the bottom from one point to the next, accurately simulating the true motion and resting position of a crawfish, unlike any other hard bait.

The single treble hook design attached to the tip of the claws, coupled with the constant vertical position, make the SmartCraw® remarkably snag-resistant.


• Rattle
• Precision engineered balance
• Premium black nickel VMC® treble hook
• Oval split ring
• 1.5 foot sink rater per second
• Freshwater/saltwater
• Lead free and non-toxic

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