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BrandLoon Outdoors


These non-toxic, tin weights are coated with a durable matte finish that both adds to longevity and keeps the weight from sliding on the line.


• Natural colors and subtle mottled texture
• Double-cut design
• Easily adjustable and truly re-usable
• Individual twist pots conveniently dispense single weights, and are easily refilled
• Available in 6, 4

Order Chart

Product mpn Color Designed for Dimension setup Oversized Qty/Pack Size Price Add to cart
CAMO DROP-6 SIZES-SPLIT SHOT (LOU-F7131 3887682) mpn F7131 Color Assorted Designed for - Dimension setup - Oversized No Qty/Pack 1 Size Assorted Price $19.95
CAMO DROP-4 LARGE SIZES-SPLIT SHOT (LOU-F7134 3887683) mpn F7134 Color Assorted Designed for Big water Dimension setup - Oversized No Qty/Pack 1 Size Large Price $14.95
CAMO DROP-4 SMALL SIZES SPLIT SHOT (LOU-F7135 3887684) mpn F7135 Color Assorted Designed for Skinny water Dimension setup Small Oversized No Qty/Pack 1 Size - Price $14.95

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