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Brand Luhr Jensen & Sons


When in the middle of a hot bite, you want a diver that sets and deploys in an instant. The Pink Lady does just that. Using an all stainless steel slip-trip action, the Pink Lady sets with just a flick of the rod tip. If a fish strikes and misses, the Pink Lady can be reset from the boat by quickly dropping some slack to it.


• All stainless steel hardware
• Automatically sets & dives
• Resettable trip mechanism
• Fish-attracting color

Order Chart

Product mpn Oversized Size Qty/Pack Color Length Price Add to cart
PINK LADY #0 (LUH-55500000091 1364200) mpn 55500000091 Oversized No Size - Qty/Pack 1 Color Pink Length 3 1/2" Price $24.99

Out of stock

PINK LADY #1 (LUH-55500010091 1364250) mpn 55500010091 Oversized No Size 1 Qty/Pack 1 Color Pink Length 4 1/2" Price $25.99
PINK LADY #2 (LUH-55500020091 1364300) mpn 55500020091 Oversized No Size 2 Qty/Pack 1 Color Pink Length 5" Price $28.99
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