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Lx-9L Lithium Sonar/Underwater Camera System


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Color ScreenYes
Mount StylePortable Ice Kit
Screen Size8"
TransducerDual Beam Ice Transducer


Decades of advanced sonar engineering meet wicked underwater wizardry; virtual reality joins aquatic reality, and both live to tell their stories—all on the screen of the same high-powered device. The minds at MarCum Technologies unleash the new LX-9L LiFePO4—a totally dynamic sonar / underwater viewing experience you’ve got to see to believe.


• New LX-9L LiFePO4—a totally dynamic sonar / underwater viewing experience
• New Lithium LiFePO4 12volt 10-amp hour battery
• Panoramic 8-inch split-screen enabled LCD
• The LX-9L LiFePO4 is the industry’s first sonar/underwater viewing system combo with an integrated digital video recorder (DVR)
• LX-9L LiFePO4 operates with all of MarCum’s patented, classic features plus its trademark digital fish-finding dominance
• System includes an integrated switchable dual beam transducer alongside a high-resolution color camera with CMOS sensor and 75-feet of cable
• Infinitely Adjustable Zoom, Bottom Lock Zoom and Interference Rejection
• Includes MarCum’s Automatic Camera Panner and protective Snow Shield.


• Display: 8" Flat Panel Color LCD, 4 Color Palette Options
• Power: 4800 Watts Peak to Peak Output Power
• Cone Angle: Dual Beam 8/20 Degree Ice Transducer
• Target Separation: Down to 1/2-Inch
• Interferance Rejection: Patented 12 Step Interference Rejection
• Zoom: Automatic Bottom Lock, Selectable Zoom Windows –5", 10", 20", 40", Patented Infinitely Adjustable Zoom,(Zoom anywhere throughout the water column)
• Resolution: 800 x 600 Pixels
• Cable: 8 ft. Transducer Cable
• Camera: Color or Black/White Switchable, 1/3? Sensor with a .01 Lux, Dark Water, LED Lighting, 75 ft. Camera Cable• On Screen Display: Heads-Up Display, Camera/Sonar Overlay Technology, All Camera Functions
• Any Combination of Vertical,Vertical Zoom, Flasher, Graph & Graph Zoom Split Screen

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mpn LX9L Color Screen Yes GPS No Mapping No Mount Style Portable Ice Kit Oversized No Qty/Pack 1 Screen Size 8" Transducer Dual Beam Ice Transducer Price $1,499.95

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