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Musky Innovations

Invader Shallow Diver


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BrandMusky Innovations


The Shallow Invader is one of the most innovative crankbaits on the market today. This "hybrid" lure combines a hard plastic, deep diving crankbait head with a hand-poured, soft plastic action body and tail. This knockout combination creates incredible serpentine action that drives large gamefish crazy. The Shallow Invader runs 2-4 feet and is a lethal twitch bait.

The tail is replaceable, if it gets chewed up or you want to change colors, changing it is a snap. Pull out the hook hanger clip and pull the tail straight back, the tail will pull off the tail post. Push your new tail on the post and insert the hook hanger, line the tail up and you're done. You can add some super glue for an even stronger hold.

HOW TO FISH THE INVADER: Use the Shallow Invader in all shallow crankbait/twitchbait situations. Cast or troll on shallow flats, rocky points, mid lake reefs, and over the tops of weedbeds. The Shallow Invader can be used as a very effective twitch bait. A good technique is to pause several times in mid retrieve. Because the lure floats when stopped, it is very effective in the weeds. It imitates an injured bait fish often drawing strikes from even fickle gamefish.

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