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Brand Mustad


Features include:
• the long and slow natural elegant taper gives a perfect symmetrical body to the fly
• the point of the hook is UltraPoint, shaped by two carefully designed angles, giving the hook an un-bluntable and very sharp point.
• the microbarb gives the barb perfect penetration, combined with Mustad's Nor-tempering hardening process, allowing the barb to be squeezed down without breaking.

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SIGNATURE SERIES STREAMER 2XS/3XL #12 (MUS-R73NPBR1250 3867116) mpn R73NPBR1250 Oversized No Size 12 Qty/Pack 50 Price $12.95
Signature Series Streamer 2Xs/3Xl #14 (MUS- 3867117) mpn R73NPBR1450 Oversized No Size 14 Qty/Pack 50 Price $12.95
Signature Series Streamer 2Xs/3Xl #16 (MUS- 3867118) mpn R73NPBR1650 Oversized No Size 16 Qty/Pack 50 Price $12.95
SIGNATURE SERIES STREAMER 2XS/3XL #6 (MUS-R73NPBR650 3867113) mpn R73NPBR650 Oversized No Size 6 Qty/Pack 50 Price $12.95
Signature Series Streamer 2Xs/3Xl #8 (MUS- 3867114) mpn R73NPBR850 Oversized No Size 8 Qty/Pack 50 Price $12.95

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