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Norlander Company

Fine Point Jaw System


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BrandNorlander Company
Designed forFly Tying


The Fine Point Jaw Conversion System combines the advantages of the standard, smooth free-spinning straight jaws with the access characteristics of the original Fine Point Jaw Configuration. The Fine point jaws are set at a shallower 30-degree angle which will spin more smoothly than the current 45-degree design while providing excellent access for small stuff, tying around the bend, and pinching material onto the hook. In addition, the upgraded version of these jaws projects further from the front hub creating a more comfortable placement of your left hand for precise material positioning.

The Fine Point Jaw System comes with all three angles (15 degrees, 30 degrees, and 45 degrees).

Attachment is quick and easy, simply remove the straight (inline) jaws held in place with a set screw in the front brass hub and replace them with the new Fine Point system. Next, to align the jaw up/down, use the pivot screw on the jaw support arm. Then to align the fine point jaw side to side, locate the set screw found at the back of the jaws. Typically not very much adjustment is needed unless there is a dramatic change in hook size.

*Note: The upgraded version of the Fine Point Jaw is incompatible with older style vises with 1/2" diameter jaws.

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