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Baitfish Float'n Spin


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Deadly on walleyes, bass and other gamefish. Choose this rig to target off-bottom, suspended fish. The buoyant cylinder float lifts the rig over weeds, moss, logs and rocks. Troll at medium speeds to maximize the Indiana blade’s flash and vibration. Select Baitfish-Image patterns to mimic colors of the lake’s primary forage.


• Hottest rig on the Pro-Walleye Circuit to attract & trigger strikes from off-bottom suspended gamefish
• Features a premium Needle-Point hook, durable 60” Bionic leader, bouyant cylinder body float and our “holographic” Baitfish-Image attractor blades and beads
• Maximum flash and vibration

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mpn RFH6-6-FT Color FireTiger Hook 4 Length 60" Oversized No Qty/Pack 1 Price $4.99

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mpn RFH6-6-NR Color Silver Hook 4 Length 60" Oversized No Qty/Pack 1 Price $4.99
mpn RFH6-6-YR Color Yellow Perch Hook 4 Length 60" Oversized No Qty/Pack 1 Price $4.99

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