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Brine'n Bite Complete


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The same great formula as Pro Cure's legendary Brine 'n Bite Powder, without all the hassles of measuring powder, water, dyes, UV, and brighteners. Brine 'n Bite Complete has it all! The Natural Shine formula has UV and Bait Brite added for the hottest natural baits. The Chartreuse Glow, Brilliant Blue, and Magenta Red have the perfect amounts of dyes to give you brilliant, fluorescent colored baits, with UV added. And all the liquids contain our proprietary blend of amino acids to trigger aggressive strikes. So if you're just doing a few trays of bait, save all the hassles and grab a bottle or two of Brine 'n Bite Complete.


• UV and Bait Brite added
• Brilliant, fluorescent colored baits
• Proprietary blend of amino acids
• No hassle with mixing powder, water, dyes, UV and brighteners.

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BRIN'N BITE BLUE (PRU-LB-BLU 3886254) mpn LB-BLU Color Brillant Blue Oversized No Qty/Pack 1 Price $11.88
BRIN'N BITE CHARTREUSE/GLOW (PRU-LB-CHR 3886255) mpn LB-CHR Color Chartreuse Glow Oversized No Qty/Pack 1 Price $12.95
BRIN'N BITE MAGENTA/PINK (PRU-LB-MAG 3886256) mpn LB-MAG Color Magenta/Pink Oversized No Qty/Pack 1 Price $11.88

Out of stock

BRIN'N BITE NATURAL (PRU-LB-NAT 3886257) mpn LB-NAT Color Natural Shine Oversized No Qty/Pack 1 Price $12.95

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