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Savage Baits

3D Rat


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BrandSavage Baits


Superb lure for Pike, Bass, Musky and big brutal Catfish!
This 3D rat imitation is so radical and loaded with innovative features. 3D scanned details and a hard ultra-strong ABS body, nylon mesh joint with soft ears, feet, and tail. The tail is reinforced with a braid core and clips on to the body with an innovative and smart clip design that makes it easily changeable. Make a spinstop and the lure will pop straight up to the top, with it’s high buoyancy – a brilliant way to really provoke crazy strikes.

2 Styles of Action
Attach the lure on the bill/lip and fish on the top, like a rat swimming with a big waking and sub surface rolling S-curve action.

Attach the lure in the nose and it will dive down and swim super realistic under the surface.

• 2 action styles
• Top water wake & Diving swimming
• Balanced belly landing
• Noisy clunking sound
• Superior 3D details and realism
• Braid core reinforced tail
• Easy replaceable tail system
• Sparetail supplied with lure
• Finesse mesh joints
• Real whiskers
• Soft legs and ears
• Ultra sharp Savage Gear Y-Trebles

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