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BrandT.c. Moto


T.C. Moto Custom Baits began experimenting with hand tied Tube and Hair jig options 20 years ago, beginning with basic color variations and solid stinger hook designs.

Early years of development were done in British Columbia with the target species being Bull and Gerrard Rainbow Trout. Over time baits and colors have been developed for a number of species including: Lakers; Rainbow; Tigers; Walleye; Bass; Pike and of course the original Bull and Gerrard.

T.C. strives to follow the Kaizen theory meaning we continually try to improve our product. The summer of 2017 will see T.C. use only Mustad Jig and Stinger hooks.

Over the years anglers repeatedly tell us hand tied is best as all hook points are being directed for straight penetration.

TC Moto will continue to hand tie in the stinger on double 50LB. Big Game mono.

Mono has a conservation benefit. Tooth damage is very rare with a mono stinger. Steel stingers can result in tooth removal from fish, especially large Bull Trout.

T.C uses hand poured jigs made in Canada. Only durable magnum fiber and flash is used in proven color combinations. All jigs are tied with Glow in Dark accent.

Anglers should experiment in each situation with Glow brightness. Sometime ambient light is enough to activate a mild glow. Other situations require glow to be kicked up a notch. Simply flash with an intense LED light. With a high intensity light 15 minutes of high glow is possible.

Because T.C. Jigs are used for all season angling we use a rear heavy design, rather than a balanced design, this decision was based on field testing. All field testers preferred the rear heavy design.

Key Points:

• Balanced jigs snag when jigging for Walleye our rear heavy design does not
• Current design noses up and over most debris
• This design gives a fleeing profile when vertical Jigging deep water for Lakers and Bulls
• Current design gives image and profile of prey fleeing to the surface, this makes Lakers attack
• On the big water planner boards the rear heavy design produces an erratic jigging action
• Current design has a non-monotonous seeking jig action that Bull Trout love.

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