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Shad FryZ


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A bite-sized swimbait that gets eaten by crappies, panfish, trout and all species, the 1.75” Shad FryZ™ represents small shad and baby panfish--among the most preferred forage foods of big panfish. A thin, deep-bodied profile transitions to a segmented tail section and specialized swimming tail. What’s more, its super-soft ElaZtech® material yields a subtle swimming motion at almost any retrieve speed, including on the fall, even when rigged with light jigheads. Its 10X Tough superplastic construction resists tail bite-offs and boasts the highest fish-per-bait ratio available. A special hookslot makes properly aligning and rigging the Shad FryZ™ on a Micro Finesse ShroomZ™ jighead a breeze. The Shad FryZ™ is offered in multiple colors that include the most popular crappie and panfish patterns.

• 10 x Tough Elaztech
• Incredibly durable
• Naturally bouyant
• Non-toxic
• 1 3/4" length
• 8 per pack
• Made in U.S.A.

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Product mpn Color Length Oversized Qty/Pack Price Add to cart
mpn MSH-28PK8 Color Smelt Length 1 3/4" Oversized No Qty/Pack 8 Price $6.49
mpn MSH-60PK8 Color Electric Chicken Length 1 3/4" Oversized No Qty/Pack 8 Price $6.49
mpn MSH-69PK8 Color Space Guppy Length 1 3/4" Oversized No Qty/Pack 8 Price $6.49
mpn MSH-27BPK8 Color Blue Glimmer Sparkle Length 1 3/4" Oversized No Qty/Pack 8 Price $6.49

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