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Trd Bugz


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Taking a time-tested softbait profile, scaling it down to Ned Rig proportions, and building it from naturally buoyant ElaZtech material results in a finesse bait that is a necessity for serious bass anglers. The ribbed body traps fish-attracting bubbles and provides an extra-soft feel, while its oversized appendages trigger bites as the lift off the bottom at rest. The TRD BugZ is equally suited for rigging on a ShroomZ jighead or a Finesse BulletZ weedless hook for dragging through cover.


• Popular creature bait profile in a downsized 2.75" size ideal for Ned Rig applications
• Ribbed body, super soft material, and salt impregnated construction provide perfect texture that fish hold onto for longer than comparable softbaits• Unlike other softbaits, buoyant material allows bait to stand up off bottom at rest
• Designed to pair seamlessly with Finesse ShroomZ, Pro ShroomZ and NedlockZ for traditional Midwest finesse applications
• Also can be rigged on Finesse BulletZ jigheads for a snag-free presentation for fishing around grass, laydowns, and other cover

Order Chart

Product mpn Color Length Oversized Qty/Pack Price Add to cart
TRD BUGZ-BLACK BLUE (ZMA-TBUGZ-02PK6 3890691) mpn TBUGZ-02PK6 Color Black/Blue Length 2 3/4" Oversized No Qty/Pack 6 Price $6.49
TRD BUGZ-CANADA CRAW (ZMA-TBUGZ-310PK6 3890693) mpn TBUGZ-310PK6 Color Canadian Craw Length 2 3/4" Oversized No Qty/Pack 6 Price $6.49
TRD BUGZ-G.PUMPKIN ORANGE (ZMA-TBUGZ-46PK6 3890692) mpn TBUGZ-46PK6 Color Green Pumpkin/Orange Length 2 3/4" Oversized No Qty/Pack 6 Price $6.49
TRD BUGZ-GREEN PUMPKIN (ZMA-TBUGZ-47PK6 3890694) mpn TBUGZ-47PK6 Color Green Pumpkin Length 2 3/4" Oversized No Qty/Pack 6 Price $6.49

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