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As versatile as they are productive, super-tough, salt-impregnated ZinkerZ sink slowly and tantalizingly when fished unweighted. Rigged straight, Texas, Carolina, wacky, or drop shot style, ZinkerZ outfish other soft stick baits, and won't tear apart after a single fish!


• 10X Tough ElaZtech construction makes this the most durable stickbait on the market...by a long shot!• Loaded with salt for a controlled, slow sink rate when rigged weightless• Super tough material allows you to wacky rig without O-rings or other devices• In tough fishing situations, try cutting in half and rigging on a light jighead, Midwest Finesse style!• 5" length, 6 baits per pack• Made in the USA

Order Chart

Product mpn Color Length Oversized Qty/Pack Price Add to cart
ZINKERS DIRT (ZMA-SSINK-103PK6 3886217) mpn SSINK-103PK6 Color Dirt Length 5" Oversized No Qty/Pack 6 Price $6.49
ZINKERZ-WATERMELON RED (ZMA-SSINK-18PK6 3886216) mpn SSINK-18PK6 Color Watermelon Red Length - Oversized No Qty/Pack 6 Price $6.49
ZINKERS-MOLTING CRAW (ZMA-SSINK-324PK6 3886218) mpn SSINK-324PK6 Color Molting Craw Length 5" Oversized No Qty/Pack 6 Price $6.49
ZINKERZ-GREEN PUMPKIN (ZMA-SSINK-46PK6 3886215) mpn SSINK-46PK6 Color Green Pumpkin Length 5" Oversized No Qty/Pack 6 Price $6.49

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